Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

With the summer fast approaching and the temperatures rising keep your cool while other lose theirs with the Dyson Air Multiplier . This is the first real innovation in fan design in more than 125 years.  No more fast spinning blades and clumsy awkward grilles with loop amplifiers and now no more lost digits as it’s completely children and adults friendly. With it’s contemporary design and engineering it will look cool in any office or home. Designed for larger spaces in mind the Air Multiplier also comes in a floor standing version with a greater air flow.

The Air Multiplier technology works with the machine drawing air in at the base through a mixed flow impellor – a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines. Unlike conventional fans with limited settings, the Dyson Air Multiplier can be adjusted up or down infinitely. The new tower and pedestal fans offer precise airflow and oscillation control and can be adjusted remotely, all new fans come with a remote control making life even easier. According to James Dyson, ‘the new machines are engineered to circulate smooth un-buffeted air in larger rooms; they draw in and multiply nearly 50% more air than the desk fan.’ This is not a fan it’s a Dyson Air Multiplier.

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One balloon and a couple of evenings after work — Dyson engineers show how inducement and entrainment works on the Air Multiplier™ fan. If you watch closely, the balloon is sucked into the airflow from behind and to the side of the fan; this is inducement and entrainment of the air.

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