Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock/Speakers

As design classics go this Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock/Speakers could be up there,  moving away from the traditional square plastic box speaker comes this innovative design.

The most striking feature of the speaker, is of course it’s massive. It looks like a giant balloon but the relatively shallow back is covered in a glossy black plastic from top to bottom. The size allows the driver units inside to be Internally and the Luna 5 Encore speakers house a single 5.75″ bass driver which is rare in a speaker dock that doesn’t cost the earth. Two 2.75″ mid-range drivers as and a pair of 1″ tweeters are also squeezed into the Luna.

With a price tag of just £150 (approx.) on Amazon, it’s surely has to be a good bet for anyone with the space to accommodate it. It won’t fit on a regular window-sill or ledge but place it on a table and it will compliment any room with elegance and fill it with great sound.

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