With summer here and the festival season now in full swing we’re giving  you a tent buying guide and  tips on which type will suit your needs, whether you are a avid camper or just need something for the weekend

These are the 5 tents we will be looking at


Buying the right tent can be a overwhelming experience with all the different varieties and technical information about you should make sure you read all our sections on tents before you go and select one. Here are the basics to help you figure out which tent is right for you.

Size and capacity
Tents come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, usually the size of a tent is measured by how many people can sleep in it, for example 1-person, 2-person, family, etc. So determine how many people you are planning to accommodate in your tent, in my experience tent capacities advertise the most amount of people that would ever want to fit into a tent, a 3-person tent is more like a comfortable 2-person tent. You will also need to take into consideration the extra room needed to store your backpack and other equipment, if you have a lot of gear to store, it may be wise to add one or two persons more to your tent’s capacity. Basically buy a tent that is meant for more people than you need.

Protection Level & Tent Structure
Tents offer different levels of protection from the elements you may encounter while you are camping. Most Tents come with a season ratings, 2-season being a light duty tent for summer use ideal for sunny weather and light winds and light showers. For slightly rougher conditions go for a 3-season, but If you anticipate use in the worst of conditions then go for a 4-season tent which are designed to be wind-resistant, shed snow and have double layer waterproofing and retain heat. These Tents are normally found in bright colors that make finding their location easy in snowfields.

Windy Conditions
Look for a sturdy construction built with a firm skeleton with multiple tie-downs and with an aerodynamically-shaped shell. Hoop, wedge, and dome tents are often found to be the strongest in windy conditions.

Rainy / Humid Conditions
Look for a tent with a two-pass coating waterproof fly and a bathtub floor that reaches high enough to protect against ground water. Condensation will be a problem so look for splash proof peak vents and with good overall ventilation.

Snowy Conditions
Go for bright colors like orange and yellow that will make the tent stand out in the snow. Look for snow flaps that will guarantee ventilation even when the tent is partially snowed in. Special snow stakes are needed to tie the Tent down.

Sunny Conditions
Look for a UV-resistant and light-colored fly cover.

Look for a full mesh canopy that will keep out mosquitoes and other insects.

Ground Conditions
The expected ground conditions determine what kind of stakes you will need. For snow, look for special snow stakes. Use T-Stakes for sandy and soft surfaces.

Freestanding vs. Non-Freestanding
Freestanding tents are tents that support themselves without the use of stakes or guy lines. These tents can be put up on a variety of different surfaces. They tend to be heavier than non-freestanding tents. Non-freestanding tents require pegs for set-up. If you don’t know which one to go with, go with a non-freestanding tent to save weight.

Tent Materials and Judging Tent Quality
Choosing the right material and quality that will fulfill your requirements is a matter of close inspection, knowing what to look for, and a lot of common sense. Here are some things to look for:

When it comes to Tent Materials, go for strong Fiberglass or Aluminum-alloy poles. Pre-shaped poles are often sturdier and can better take the bending necessary for setting up the Tent. If you are going for a single-wall Tent then make sure that the fabric used is a waterproof and breathable laminate that offers enough protection for your intended use. Double-wall Tents should have a breathable inner fabric and a waterproof outer shell. When in doubt, ask for the Tent Material Specifications such as PSI and Denier.

• Check the seams with extra care as these are the possible weak and leaking points in your tent. Double stitching, tape, and fabric coating will give the best possible protection.

• Durable tent sheets will use ripstop material  to prevent possible tearing.

• Make sure to check the weight of the tent, there are various types of tent weights. This is especially important  if you are going hiking, you will want to minimize the weight of the tent while still achieving the level of protection that you need. Lightweight and high quality tents are technical marvels that come a costs but they can last you for a long time.

And finally always remember to take your shoes off when you are in the Tent.

Marmot Mesh Bivy Tent – Terra Cotta, 1 Person

The Marmot Mesh Bivy Tent is perfect for spring and summer jaunts into the outback, it’s incredibly lightweight and full-featured, this tent is ideal for when minimal weight and maximum comfort are your priorities. The unique pole structure sets up in seconds and the privacy netting lets you see the outside world and keeps prying eyes out of your tent.

• Highly Compressible
• Unique Pole Structure – For Increased Stability and Increased Internal Space
• Lightweight No-See-Um Mesh
• Inside Pockets – To Keep Gear Off the Floor
• Jingle-Free Nylon Zipper Pulls – Promote Undisturbed Sleep

Colors: Terra Cotta (120)
Sizes: One Person
Maximum Weight: 1 lbs 4 oz / 0.6 kg
Minimum Weight: 1 lbs 3 oz / 0.5 kg
Dimensions: 26x38x96in / 66x97x244cm
Packed Size: 5 x 19 in / 13 x 48 cm
Tent Poles: 1 / DAC NSL 8.5mm
Floor Area: 19 sq ft / 1.8 sq m
Tent floor Material: 40d 100% Nylon Ripstop 3000mm W/R, F/R
Tent canopy Material: 20d No-See-Um Lightweight Mesh F/R

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Yellowstone 2 Person Megatent

The Yellowstone 2 Person Megatent is an economical 3-season tent built to weather years in the field. Setting up this free-standing tent is relatively easy but we do recommend you do a dry run to be familiar with the parts. The design is roomy, creating a comfortable living area to stretch out in after a long day of hiking. The mesh ceiling and the side vents provides ample ventilation. Taped seams keep water out in case rain and the internal storage pockets will keep essentials dry.

• Yellowstone Peak Mega Dome 2 Person tent in charcoal and green
• Double layer and security pocket
• 110g groundsheet
• 2x 6.9mm Fibre glass poles for the main dome tent
• 1x 7.9mm poles for the porc
• 170T Breathable inner
• Mesh/190T door
• Fire retardant
• Groundsheet with pegs for the porch area
• 190T carry bag carry handles

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Gelert Quick Pitch Elite DS Tent

With the Gelert Quick Pitch Elite DS Tent erecting and dismantling this tent couldn’t be easier, the double skin construction features a integrated bedroom for additional warmth & comfort, whist it’s fine mesh border system prevents unwanted bugs and the front & rear ventilation will help with condensation. The Pre-attached guylines will aid pitching. This Gelert Quick Pitch Elite DS Tent is a fast camping solution. A carry bag is included with extended carry handle for over your shoulder.

• Fabric Outer: 190T Polyester with waterproof PU coating
• Fabric Inner: 190T breathable Polyester
• Groundsheet: Polyethylene
• Weight: 2.35Kg
• Pack Size: 80 x 75 x 5cm
• Dimensions: L275 x W140 x H130cm
• Poles: 2 x 6mm Fibreglass
• Colours: Mars Red/Charcoal – Stargazer/Winter Sky – Army Camo – Illusion
• Pitch: In one
• Taped seams: Yes

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Coleman Ridgeline Plus Four Man Tent

The Coleman Ridgeline Plus Four Man Tent has a spacious feel, this large family tent has a domed living area with standing room and space for a table and chairs. The Coleman Ridgeline Plus Four Man Tent has two separate rooms either side of the living area for privacy and includes two doors for easy entry and exit points which can both be opened when in hot climates to create an airy feel. A rising groundsheet also provides maximum ventilation and can be detached for easy cleaning and packing when dirty. Multiple storage pockets and a power cord vent and large vertical windows with covers for user convenience at the campsite are among some of the Coleman Ridgeline Plus Four Man Tent features to make camping more like home!

A large domed living area with full head height and plenty of space for a table and chairs adds to the spacious feel of this 4 person vis à vis style tent. This quick-pitch design includes two doors for flexibility on the campsite should the weather conditions change and the new PE rising groundsheet featuring 12cm high side panels keeps bad weather conditions out and allows maximum ventilation. Additionally, there are multiple storage pockets, the new power cord vent and large vertical windows with covers for user convenience at the campsite.

Main Features:
• Set up: Flysheet first
• Capacity: 4 person
• Sleeping area: 5.88 m²
• Living area: 3.68 m²
• Pitching surface: 10.58 m²
• Headroom: 205 cm
• Carry bag type: Rectangular with zipper opening
• Pack size: 62 x 23 x 23 cm
• Weight: 10.4 Kg

Coleman Ridgeline Plus Range Features:
• The vis-à-vis bedroom configuration offers privacy for all occupants and provides a tall, central living area for a table and chairs for the family.
• Polyester 185T flysheet
• The Ridgeline Plus has a PE rising groundsheet which provides weather protection.
• The living area groundsheet is a thick PE to resist heavy use.
• The bedrooms also feature strong and resistant PE.
• Breathable polyester and no-see-um mesh inner is lightweight and bug-resistant.
• It features fibreglass poles.
• A set of porch poles is supplied allowing one door to be created into a porch area.
• The riser groundsheet allows cool air to enter at the base of the tent and then warm air is pushed out through the large ventilation mesh tiles in the roof of the tent.
• The roof ventilation tiles are covered by an adjustable and removable cap, this prevents rain from entering the tent but days when the weather is dry and warm, they can be removed for increased ventilation.
• Optimally place guy-lines along the poles and around the tent ensure stability in high winds.
• Up in one pitching allows for quick and easy pitching; the inner bedrooms are pre-attached and they can be left in when packing the tent away.
• Continuous pole sleeves are faster to pitch.
• Colour coded poles and pole sleeves and bedroom inner hooks minimise pitching errors.
• Internal pockets.
• PVC windows with covers increase visibility and allow light into the tent but provide privacy when required.
• The power cord vent is a convenient opening so that you can run an electricity cable into the tent.
• Carrybag.

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Skandika Korsika 10 Man Family Tent

The Skandika Korsika 10 Man Family Tent is a great tent for your group or family camping holiday.
Thanks to the colour coded poles it is a child’s play to pitch the tent. The entrance is like a canopy which can be raised to reveal the large middle room part of the tent that provides ample space for baggage, groceries and everything else needed when camping and can be lowered for more privacy. With mass of headroom it makes for a perfect lounge.
Moving around is easy with more than 6.5 ft of headroom you will no longer risk a stiff neck when spending some time in your Skandika Korsika 10 Man Family Tent. With it’s optimized ventilation system, and breathable tent material, the inner tent climate stays perfect at all times.
Combined flexibility and stability the poles are made of shatter proof fibre glass that you can rely on even in strong wind.
With it’s extra resilient water column,the Korsika model provides a exceptionally high water resistant of 3,000 mm (118″) water column thanks to innovative PU-coated polyester material A tent is considered waterproof at 1,200 mm (47.2″) and also makes the tent UV-resistant in all weather conditions.

A cover for the inner tent floor,and all the guy ropes, tent pegs and a manual are included. The tent also comes in a useful carrying bag.

• Capacity: 10 persons.
• Water column (flysheet): 3,000 mm.
• Water column (floor): 5,000 mm.
• Material (flysheet): 190T Polyester, PU coated.
• Material (inner tent): 170T Polyester, breathable.
• Material (floor): PE 120 g/m².
• Measurements (total): 760 x 720 cm.
• Measurements (pod): 210 x 180 / 210 x 240 cm.
• Poles: Fibre glass (12.7/9.5 mm); Steel upright poles (16 mm).
• Weight: 23.5 kg
• Pack size: 73 x 35 x 35 cm
• Colour: green/beige
Colour coded poles.
Organiser pockets.
Mosquito mesh on the sleeping pods.
Fire-retardant materia.
Taped seams.
Repair set included

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